Railway transportation
Saixin International Transport provides railway transportation services from railway freight stations throughout the country through Dandong to Korea, Manchuria to Russia, Alashankou to Central Asian countries and Europe, Erlianhot to Mongolia, Pingxiang to Vietnam, Shenzhen to Hong Kong and other routes. Chengdu International Railway Intermodal Freight Ticket provides the payment code of foreign stations. Our company keeps close cooperation with Eurasian Banlie Company and European local professional large-scale logistics companies, and can undertake local storage yard, customs declaration, transportation and European distribution services under the platform of "Rongxin Eurasian Banlie" from Chengdu via Alashankou to Rhodes, Poland.

Our service advantages are:

The number of trains is stable and the transportation time is stable.

- Abundant capacity

Perfect proxy network, providing DDU, DDP services.

Close cooperation with railway departments to respond to customer needs in a timely manner

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